In-house publication

Personal Publication:

"A mathematical model for computational aesthetics"  by W. A. P. Wickramasinghe; Anuja Dharmaratne  and N.D. Kodikara  

"A Tool for Ranking and Enhancing Aesthetic Quality of Paintings"  by W. A. P. Wickramasinghe; Anuja Dharmaratne  and N.D. Kodikara

"An Investigation of the Sundial at Abhayagiri Monastery in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka"  by Anoma Jayasinghe, Nimal Jayasinghe and Prof. Sarath Chandrajeewa

"Feeling the motion of object in a dynamic image sequence through haptic interface"  by Dr.  Anusha Jayasiri; Katsuhito Akahane and Makoto Sato

"Feeling wind: An interactive haptization system for motion rendering in video contents using SPIDAR"  by Dr. Anusha Jayasiri; Katsuhito Akahane; Makoto Sato and Kenji Honda

"Haptic Rendering of Dynamic Image Sequence Using String based Haptic Device SPIDAR"  by Dr. Anusha Jayasiri; Katsuhito Akahane and Makoto Sato

"Impacts of media literacy to enhance right to know and access to information: democracy perspective."  by Dr. Chammika Mallawaarachchi

"Object Motion Rendering with the String-based Haptic Interface SPIDAR for Enhanced Video Viewing Experience"  by Dr. Anusha Jayasiri; Katsuhito Akahane and Makoto Sato

"Significant of Information Rich Contents in Technology based Marketing Communication Channels to reach Knowledge savvy customers." by Dr. Chammika Mallawaarachchi

"Sources of information used by undergraduates: A citation analysis of undergraduate theses of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts."  by Ms. A. V. M. K. Ankumbura

"Universal responsibilities and challenges towards to change the landscape of knowledge access in higher education"  by Dr. Chammika Mallawaarachchi

"University’s Role in Exploring New Knowledge in the Global Knowledge Society: Knowledge Ecology Perspective."  by Dr. Chammika Mallawaarachchi

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