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Vision | Mission and Objectives

Vision of the library

The library supports the academic programmes of University of the Visual and Performing Arts by being the centre of excellence in the provision, dissemination and preservation of knowledge on visual and performing arts in the country. 

Mission of the library

The mission of the library is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching and learning needs of the university and research community.

In order to achieve the vision and mission, the library commits to:

  • Understand the research, teaching and learning needs of the user community.
  • Promote information skills of users to empower them for independent and life long learning.
  • Collaborate with other members of the university in research, teaching, learning and administration.
  • Ensure the preservation, conservation and long-lasting availability of library materials.
  • Develop expertise, skills, commitment and encourage library staff to ensure effective and efficient library services.

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