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Membership & Registration


The following persons are eligible for the library membership:


  • Registered internal undergraduate students.
  • Registered postgraduate students.
  • Students who are suspended, eligible for use the reference facilities during the examination period/s.
  • Postgraduate students are issued 01 library tickets on payment of Rs. 5000.00 per ticket as a refundable deposit.


  • Members of the permanent academic and non-academic staff.
  • Members of the temporary academic and non-academic staff.
  • Members of the contract basis academic and non-academic staff. 
  • Members of the visiting academic staff. 
  • Staff members of the temporary and contract basis can be allowed to use lending facilities if they produce a letter of guarantee from the confirmed staff member.
  • Visiting staff members are not eligible to use the lending facilities.

Membership Registration

Students are enrolled at the beginning of a new academic year, subject to the receipt of confirmed details of such students by the student welfare branch of the university.

Staff members are registered by submitting the duly completed application form after the receipt of a copy of the letter of appointment from the establishment branch of the university.

As it is essential for any student to obtain the library clearance prior to the application for any certificate from the university examinations branch, it is strongly advised to obtain library clearance at the end of the final examinations. Failure to do so may result the inability to obtain examination certificates on time.

Download Membership application form (for Staff of UVPA)